Rawnice - Chief Marketing Officer

Now is your chance to be part of a fast-growing, rule-breaking, and FUN company within the health food space!

Your Challenge:

The past year has shown us that the interest in our current (and future) products is crazy big, and we are now looking for the right person to help bring it in front of this massive audience. With the majority of sales in the US and Canada, these will be your target markets.

  1. Our goal for 2021 is to aggressively increase the growth of the company, by increasing the amount of traffic we drive into our store. You will be responsible for designing and executing the best strategy on how to bring in as many high-quality leads as possible. This includes Collaborations, Ads, Seo, etc.

  2. Another challenge is to further develop our ideal customer persona and designing their journey with us to give the best experience possible. What messages do we give them where? And how?

  3. Lastly, you would be responsible to develop and execute our campaign plan for activations like campaigns, sales, promotions, challenges, and product drops during the coming year, and make sure our marketing team is executing these on deadlines.

 To help you organize and execute these projects you have a strong team that consists of a social media manager, content creator, and designer that you will be managing and coordinating. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Design our Customer Journey
  • Development of our ideal buyer persona
  • Plan and execute campaign Plan & offers
  • Branding and communication
  • Create and execute a strategy to increase store traffic.
  • Management of Social media, ads, Collaborations, etc.
  • Manager of the marketing team. Coordinate based on activities.
  • Weekly Sales and performance reports

Who You Are:

In order to fit well in with the rest of our team, we see you as a colorful personality that has a burning desire for testing, optimizing, and execution. You have an easy time coming up with new, innovative, and creative ideas that might help grow Rawnice into future success. 

You have an interest in food and care for your health and well-being. You are sensitive to new trends in the health and wellness space and have been consuming various products yourself over the years.

You are TECH-savvy, well versed in all different online platforms, ad systems, social media, and other digital tools. Basically, you are in love with the internet as the rest of us and are used to leveraging these platforms for digital marketing and growth hacking purposes.

As for your day-to-day work, you are an independent worker that can make decisions on your own for the best of the company and have no problem giving direction to others when needed. You enjoy leading and taking on responsibility.

Previous experiences that we value highly:

  • Been part of a growing e-commerce company.
  • Content creation experience (Photo, Video, and design skills)
  • Using Shopify for b2c sales
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Facebook and google ads management
  • Coding CSS + HTML + Javascript


Employment Type: Full time = 40 hours / week
Location: Remote (Location independent)
Seniority Level: Manager
Start Date: Immediately
Salary: Discussed during interview

How to apply for the job:

Copy these questions into an email and reply to them:

- Share your Linked in profile (must include your previous work and school history)

- Tell us about yourself so that we get to know you, who are you? What makes you YOU?

- What is your career goal within the next 5 years? Where do YOU want to go?

- Why you would want to come to join us at Rawnice and be part of our growth together?

- How would you go about getting the company in front of 10x more people, starting where we stand today? (does not have to be exact but outline your thoughts and ideas for us)

Email your application to Jesper@rawnice.com

Title your email “Marketing Manager - YOUR NAME

Feel free to add a funny joke, embarrassing story or fun facts to your application to brighten our day when we go trough it ;)

We are excited to hear from you!

/Jesper and the rawnice team

About Rawnice:

Rawnice has been on a mission to break the norms of the health food industry since 2015 when we launched the world’s first “rainbow superfoods”.

Using the power of 100% plant-based product. With vibrant bold color and the reach of social media, we have been able to build a big audience of health-conscious foodies that are looking beyond the traditional recipes, additives, and experiences.

The company is based in Sweden, but with a fully remote team spread across the globe. Our small family is a collection of colorful personalities from all over the world with a passion to make healthy eating more fun for people of all ages.

Now we invite you to be part of this team and journey!

"I made an amazing rainbow cake! Everyone loved it, and I love that it's not just nice to look at, but it's also healthy! Thank you :)"

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